Sylvester Stallone Blasts De Niro: “Not a Chance in Hell I’d Ever Take a Role with That Creepy, Self-Obsessed Woke!”

Sylvester Stallone, the action star, has gone on a scathing attack against Robert De Niro that is both jaw-dropping and uncontrolled.

Stallone said, “No way would I ever take up a role in a De Niro film,” with an undertone of disgust. “I’ve spent time with him, and the guy creeps me out. He’s constantly talking about his woke ideas and himself. This is intolerable! No thanks!”

Hollywood fans and industry insiders have been thrown into frenzy by what Stallone said. Though yet to respond, De Niro is known for his infamous temperament; hence all eyes are now on these two reigning kings of Hollywood.

One thing is certain as the dust settles: Stallone’s explosive tirade has added fuel to one more episode of Tinseltown’s most famous fights.



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