Clint Eastwood Slams ‘Creepy’ De Niro, Vows No Future Collaborations: ‘My Dignity Counts’

Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood has come out to criticise Robert De Niro as “creepy” and also promised that never at any one point will they work together again. Eastwood said this during an interview recently where he stressed on how much importance he attaches to his personal integrity and professionalism

“Robert De Niro is an incredible actor but I have my standards. My dignity matters too much for me to work with someone who does not share the same values as I do,” said Eastwood.

The actor’s remarks have caused a lot of stir within the entertainment industry with many trying to figure out what might be the problem between the two. De Niro who is known for being controversial has not yet responded to these claims. This clash of titans shows that people are guided by different beliefs when it comes down to their careers even if they are close friends outside work.



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