Mel Gibson Slams De Niro, Declares ‘I Will Never Work with Woke Robert!’

In a surprising revelation that has rocked Hollywood, Mel Gibson has publicly slammed fellow movie star Robert De Niro, calling him “woke” and promising he will never work with him. These fiery words were spoken during a recent interview where Gibson held nothing back about the changes taking place in the film industry and among his colleagues.

Gibson, who is known for his candid and often controversial views, voiced his dissatisfaction with what he perceives as the pervasive influence of “woke culture” in tinsel town. He accused De Niro of being an advocate for this movement, which according to him kills genuine filmmaking by authenticity.

“I admire Robert’s artistic skills a lot,” said Gibson, “but I’ll never act with him. He has turned into a flag-bearer of this woke revolution that is sweeping over Hollywood. It suffocates real artistry and makes the whole industry a war zone of sorts for different political ideologies.”

This bombshell has sparked heated debates within fan circles as well as among professionals in the movie making business with many people throwing their weight behind Gibson claiming that too much political correctness kills creativity while others feel his sentiments are outdated considering the current cultural context.

So far there has been no response from De Niro who is a known advocate for various social justice issues but given his history of not keeping quiet when he feels strongly about something it may only be a matter of time before we hear what he has to say regarding these allegations leveled against him by Mel Gibson.

These remarks by Mel Gibson are expected to have widespread implications on future collaborations and projects within the entertainment industry as they continue being key players both on screen and behind cameras hence their public feud might just serve as yet another point in ongoing debates over where politics ends and art begins.



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