Whoopi Goldberg Shocks Audience by Kicking Robert De Niro Out of ‘The View’!

Today on “The View”, veteran actress and host Whoopi Goldberg shocked both her co-hosts and the studio audience by kicking out Hollywood legend Robert De Niro. Emotions flared up when De Niro, notorious for his frank opinions, made an inflammatory remark about where modern film is heading.

Clearly upset, Goldberg challenged his point of view and things got heated between the two screen icons. At one point during the argument, Goldberg — who is seldom seen to lose her cool — ordered De Niro to leave the stage.

His jaw dropped as he acquiesced and walked off the set, leaving those in attendance at the show in complete silence. The incident has since caused a social media storm with fans and critics alike commenting on what happened next.

This impromptu face-off is being regarded as one of the most dramatic confrontations ever witnessed on the program, and viewers are now eagerly awaiting fallout from this explosive episode. Can these famous faces make amends or has their very public spat created an unbridgeable gap between them? We’ll just have to wait and see.



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