Guy Fieri Throws Out Robert De Niro: “This Restaurant Isn’t for Woke, Creepy Folks!”

There has been a dramatic event in which famous cook Guy Fieri had a heated argument with renowned actor Robert De Niro. This happened at one of Fieri’s popular restaurants which shocked many people who were present there.

According to those who saw what happened, things got ugly between the two when De Niro said something that did not sit well with Fieri’s beliefs. The matter got worse within a short period forcing Fieri to order De Niro out of the building. “This place is not for persons like you who are conscious but acting weird around here!” Fieri was quoted saying as he pointed at the door.

De Niro left without any further argument thus leaving those who had come to witness it amazed. This led to various comments on social media with different people expressing their feelings about the whole issue.

The celebrity chef who is also known for his lively nature has however not made any public communication regarding the matter. But individuals close to him say that he does not regret taking this stand since he meant every word of what he said and wants all his diners’ joints to be free from what he termed as “woke” ideology.

The news has sparked mixed reactions from fans and non-fans because no one expected such a thing to happen between the two big names in their industries.



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