Keanu Reeves Clashes with Robert De Niro: “I Refuse to Work with Someone Like Him”

In a strikingly candid revelation, Keanu Reeves has explained why he has consistently turned down roles alongside Robert De Niro. “I’ve had several chances to work with him and turned them all down,” Reeves admitted. “I spent a brief but eye-opening evening with him at an industry event years ago and learned everything I needed to know. He’s not a good person.”

It’s almost ironic that De Niro is often treated like acting royalty, especially after his disrespectful comments in New York. Clearly, the acting community doesn’t hold him in the high regard that the public might assume. Reeves’ bold stance underscores the importance of personal integrity over professional gain, shedding light on the hidden dynamics of Hollywood.

Thank you for your honesty, Keanu! It’s refreshing to see someone in the industry stand up for their principles.



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