Colin Kaepernick Issues Ultimatum: Boycotts NFL Until Harrison Butker Is Dropped from Team

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick says he will be boycotting the NFL for as long as Harrison Butker is employed by any team. Kaepernick made the statement after Butker made a trio of tacky remarks that the ex-49er publicly denounced. The sports world is in an uproar and the issue of free speech is back on the table for NFL players.

Anyone who follows football knows that Kaepernick kneeled during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner in an effort to bring attention to issues surrounding police brutality and other forms of racial injustice. The nation was polarized in its views of Kaepernick’s actions, with as much support as condemnation. Now, Kaepernick has come down hard on Butker saying, “I don’t like him. I think his beliefs are very misguided and not what this country stands for.”

Butker is the kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs who recently gave a graduation speech at Benedictine College in which he denounced LGBTQ+ Pride. Kaepernick’s boycott shows this former 49er has strong beliefs and is willing to take bold action to maintain them. The collision of these two players is an indication of cultural strife in the sports domain that won’t easily resolve.

The NFL has not issued any statement regarding Kaepernick’s announcement. Supporters and pundits are weighing in on what the effect of a boycott will have on the league. Some say it will rally people to Kaepernick’s cause while others predict it will further divide an already fractured league. One thing is for sure, the boycott has put Kaepernick back in the public eye and strengthened his stature as a leader in the social justice movement.

Social media is on fire with opinions about Kaepernick’s statement. Many are applauding his strength and conviction to stand by his beliefs. Others are questioning his actions saying it hurts team morale and is a distraction to the game. The issue of an athlete’s obligation as a public figure has again been raised.

It’s too early to know the full effects of Kaepernick’s boycott. Will other players stand with him? How will the NFL deal with this overt act of defiance? For now, those questions hang in the air as the sports community continues to react. One thing is for certain, Colin Kaepernick has issued a strong statement to players, owners, and the fans that activism and free speech in the sports world isn’t going away anytime soon.

So, as 4th and goal in this cultural battle comes down to the final yards, we’ll leave you with Colin Kaepernick’s booming declaration, “I don’t like him. I think his beliefs are very misguided and not what this country stands for.” Until Harrison Butker is cut from any and all teams, Colin Kaepernick will boycott the NFL. Booyah! Now it’s up to the league to figure out the messy collision of free speech, personal beliefs, and social justice. The way this battle plays out could determine how these organizations handle similar issues in the future.



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