Andy Reid Stands Firm with Harrison Butker: “If They Cut Harrison, They Cut Me”

The Chiefs have been dropping hints about releasing their kicker, but Head Coach Andy Reid has made it clear that won’t happen under his leadership. The team has been under pressure due to the ongoing controversy surrounding Harrison Butker’s refusal to endorse brands like Nike, citing their association with Colin Kaepernick.

In a fiery statement, Reid declared, “I’m not losing a great kicker to this whole woke thing. I won’t let this woke nonsense take away one of the best kickers in the game. Not as long as I’m here.” His strong stance has added fuel to the debate, igniting discussions about the intersection of sports, politics, and personal beliefs.

Reid’s unwavering support for Butker has sent a powerful message, drawing a line in the sand against the pressures of political correctness in the NFL. This bold declaration not only highlights Reid’s commitment to his players but also sets the stage for a dramatic showdown between the team and external forces pushing for Butker’s release.



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