Harrison Butker Rejects Nike Endorsement: ‘Still Supporting That Kaepernick Clown? No Thanks.’

NFL kicker Harrison Butker has made headlines with his firm refusal to endorse Nike, criticizing the brand for its continued support of Colin Kaepernick. “Still supporting that Kaepernick clown? No thanks,” Butker remarked, sparking widespread discussion.

“It’s refreshing to hear from someone who isn’t spewing the woke status quo,” Butker continued. “I won’t work for them, or Target, or Planet Fitness. They’re all just a bit too ungodly for my taste. As an NFL star, it’s tough to turn down millions in endorsements, but some things are more important than money—like your mortal soul.”

Butker’s bold stance has ignited debate, with many applauding his commitment to his principles in an industry increasingly dominated by corporate and political interests.



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