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Martina McBride Slams Beyoncé: ‘Take Off Your Hat, You’re Far from Country

“To true country aficionados like Martina, the meteoric rise of Beyoncé to the pinnacle of the charts seems unfathomable.

“What kind of individual skyrockets to fame with just one decent song?” Martina reportedly questioned. “How does she bypass the gritty, grind-it-out experiences like performing in rundown clubs and feigning interest in producers just to get a foot in the door? It’s unjust.”

Martina’s sentiments strike a chord with many who see Beyoncé’s trajectory as emblematic of privilege.

It’s hard to imagine that for a young black woman in the R&B soul genre, even with Destiny’s Child, the journey was anything but arduous.

Yet, as she ascends, some contend that it’s not just talent but also connections—like her husband’s influence—that propel her forward. In the landscape of American privilege, this narrative rings true.”



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