“If Candace Owens Joins the Panel, Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny Threaten to Resign Immediately”

Goldberg echoed Behar’s sentiments, stating, “After over a decade on this show, I refuse to let Owens come in and disrupt what we’ve built. We owe it to our viewers to maintain a balanced, thoughtful discussion, and Owens would only undermine that.”

Hostin, renowned for her social justice advocacy, also criticized Owens, cautioning, “We must be cautious about who we welcome onto this platform. Owens has a history of spreading inflammatory remarks and promoting dangerous conspiracy theories. Granting her a platform would only perpetuate misinformation.”

While The View has not officially addressed Owens’ potential addition, sources reveal the co-hosts stand firm in their stance, prepared to step down from the show if necessary.

“It’s a matter of principle,” affirmed Behar. “We must set boundaries, and for us, that line is drawn at Candace Owens.”

As the situation unfolds, it remains uncertain whether The View will heed its co-hosts’ concerns or proceed with Owens joining the panel against their objections. However, one thing is certain – turbulence lies ahead.



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