Whoopi Goldberg Reveals How ‘The View’ Tried to Find Out Who Was Leaking Inside Info

Whoopi Goldberg hinted at how The View may have tried to discover who was leaking gossip about the show’s moderators to the press.

During a “Hot Topics” discussion on Thursday about a study that found an upside to being a gossip, the View moderators shared their thoughts on being a blabbermouth.

Goldberg voiced her disdain towards gossiping, saying she doesn’t see anything positive coming from it. Sunny Hostin, who said she enjoys her “tea,” noted that the study said you shouldn’t “shun your resident blabbermouth,” but Goldberg disagreed. “I do [shun them], because the resident blabbermouth is not checking to see if I’m comfortable with my business in the street and I don’t like it,” said the EGOT winner.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, who was a White House communications director during the Trump administration, then shared how she likes to handle rumors. “You know what I like to do? I like to catch a gossip. Because what you can do is plant false information and see if it makes its way around,” she said.

This prompted Goldberg to suggest that the show used the same method to find out if someone on The View was leaking information to the press. “We have done that, we have done that,” said the actress. “We did that to see who was talking.”

“Now you see, that’s a little bit of gossip I would like to know about,” remarked Hostin. But, as Joy Behar pointed out, “[Goldberg] doesn’t like gossip, so you’ll never find out.”



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