“Sylvester Stallone Turns Down $1.2 Million Marvel Project: ‘Too Woke for My Career’”

Sylvester Stallone, renowned for his prolific career in Hollywood, has recently made headlines by turning down a lucrative opportunity with Marvel.

Despite the potential earnings of $1.2 million, Stallone expressed his reservations about the project, citing concerns about the direction of his career.

In his own words, Stallone remarked, “Too woke for my what I have done in career.” His decision reflects a commitment to the roles and projects that have defined his iconic career, steering clear of ventures that might compromise his artistic integrity.

The proposed Marvel film would have seen Stallone portraying an alien criminal, a departure from the roles that have cemented his legacy in cinema.

Stallone’s choice resonates with his fans, who admire his dedication to roles that align with his values and principles.

As we reflect on this decision, we celebrate Stallone’s unwavering commitment to his craft and eagerly anticipate his future endeavors in the world of cinema.



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