“Megan Rapinoe Slams UWSNT Representation as ‘The Worst Job in the World’”

Netflix’s documentary series ‘Under Pressure’ sheds light on a less recognized but integral aspect of achieving excellence in any profession.

In the realm of sports, consistent victories, once achieved become the expectation, and anything falling short is perceived as a failure.

Team USA’s triumphs in Edmonton and Nice in 2015 and 2019 respectively poised them on the brink of history, potentially becoming the first team to secure three consecutive World Cup titles. With star players like Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan, many assumed that the result would be a formality for the ageing team.

However, the burden of expectations became palpable, as highlighted by Megan Rapinoe in her reflections on ‘Under Pressure.

“I always say it’s the worst job in the world because if you do your job, then you were supposed to, and if you do one hair less, then you are gonna get lambasted for it,” she told the documentary.

Why did the USWNT fail at the 2023 World Cup?
Creating an environment that fosters a winning mentality is a deliberate strategy employed by top teams and players. Coach Vlatko Andonovski emphasized this mindset in the documentary.

“It’s literally win every game. It’s very simple. If you win, you’re doing well. If not, it’s not good enough,” he added.

Such pressure and high expectations are often considered the toll of sustained success, a challenge faced by numerous sporting dynasties, which is why they are so rare in modern sport.

The weight of these expectations came crashing down when Team USA experienced their first World Cup defeat since 2011.

Sweden thwarted their aspirations for a three-peat in the Round of 16, clinching victory through penalties, but the reality is that the USA had been poor in virtually every game of the tournament.

Rapinoe decided that it would be her last World Cup, announcing her retirement from the international stage, although she would play one final match.

Playing for the initial 54 minutes before being subbed off to a resounding ovation, Rapinoe contributed with an assist. Reflecting on the experience, she described it as an honor, expressing gratitude for realizing her childhood dream on the global stage.

“It’s going to be my honor to be an alumna of this team and watch this team continue to be as successful as we have been.”



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