“Roseanne Breaks The View’s Daily Ratings Record: ‘Not Even Close,’ Say Analysts”

Roseanne Barr’s career is experiencing a resurgence, surpassing previous highs with the success of her stand-up routine and the exponential growth of her podcast followers. The anticipation surrounding her latest venture reached fever pitch as her new show hit the airwaves this week.

In a stunning turn of events, the show’s debut outperformed expectations, earning higher ratings than ABC’s long-running program “The View” had ever achieved. By its second day, Roseanne’s show shattered records, leaving the competition in its wake.

The resounding success of Roseanne’s new show underscores her enduring appeal and the widespread interest in her comedic talents. With audiences flocking to tune in, it’s evident that Roseanne Barr’s star power remains as potent as ever, marking a triumphant comeback for the celebrated comedian and actress.



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