Whoopi Goldberg Slams Beyonce; Has Never Won Album of the Year Grammy

The most-awarded woman in Grammys history with 32 trophies, Jay-Z called out the Recording Academy during his own acceptance speech on Sunday for so awarding Beyoncé while she’s never won the night’s top award, Album of the Year.

Whoopi Goldberg isn’t as bothered as Jay-Z that Beyoncé hasn’t won the Album of the Year, but her The View co-host Sara Haines argued that Jay-Z made “a powerful point” in his speech decrying the Recording Academy.

On Monday’s show, the women talked about Jay-Z’s speech during Sunday’s Grammy Awards while accepting the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award where he called out the Academy for honoring his wife 32 times, but not once for Album of the Year. He said that they just want them to get it right, or at least close to right.

“I thought he did the perfect thing because this was a year where Beyoncé wasn’t up for Best Album,” said Haines. “So what he’s saying is from the outside, be aware, because progress has happened in a lot of ways.”

The awards show is just six years removed from #GrammysSoMale when it was criticized for its lack of female nominees. This year, women absolutely dominated the nominations, and took home every award presented during the broadcast, save the one Jay-Z got.

“He’s accepting a Global Impact Award. That is the time to say things have changed,” Haines continued on The View. “They don’t always get it right, but let’s keep our eyes open. Like, that’s where progress is made. And I thought it was so powerful and beautiful.”

Sunny Hostin liked the “courage” he displayed to say something like that for his wife, but was curious what the panel’s only Grammy winner thought. Goldberg actually holds a coveted EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony).

Hostin called out 2022’s Renaissance album, which many thought would finally score Bey her first AOTY Grammy, and said that she believes sometimes there is “some discrepancy there in terms of who this country decides is the pop princess,” and she said sometimes the country doesn’t get it right.

For Goldberg, though, she didn’t think Bey’s lack of AOTY is that big of a deal.

Saying she appreciated her co-host’s comments, and even Jay-Z’s sentiment, Goldberg couldn’t completely agree. “They’re not just for one thing,” she said of the awards. “So for me … it doesn’t matter if they give her that Album [of the Year].”

Her conclusion is that even though Beyoncé hasn’t scored Album of the Year, 32 Grammys “is kind of not a terrible number.” She went on to call Beyoncé and Taylor Swift (who set a record with her fourth AOTY) “these superhuman women who do this extraordinary thing.”



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