Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny Issue Ultimate Ultimatum, Threatening Immediate Resignation If Candace Owens Joins the Panel!”

In a shocking and unprecedented twist, tensions have reached a boiling point on the set of The View as esteemed co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin have issued a stunning ultimatum. Their threat to resign “immediately” reverberates through the halls, all stemming from the mere possibility of controversial conservative commentator Candace Owens joining their esteemed panel.

Insiders privy to the situation reveal the profound outrage among the hosts, fueled by Owens’ polarizing opinions and her penchant for inciting controversy. The suggestion of her inclusion on the show has triggered a vehement opposition from the trio. “We have endured enough with Meghan McCain’s conservative perspectives,” exclaimed Behar, her frustration palpable. “Introducing Candace Owens into the mix would be an utter catastrophe. We refuse to sit idly by as she spews her venomous rhetoric.”

Goldberg, an integral figure on the show for over a decade, passionately echoed Behar’s sentiments. “We have painstakingly built a platform that prioritizes thoughtful, balanced discussions,” she declared. “I will not allow someone like Owens to trample upon what we have strived to achieve. Our duty to our viewers is unwavering, and Owens threatens to disrupt the very essence of that commitment.”



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