“Lia Thomas: I’m a Powerful Woman, Like Every Woman on This World.”

“I am a woman, just like anybody else on the team,” Lia Thomas, the transgender collegiate swimmer, said in an interview with Sports Illustrated. Except, no, Lia is not a woman, and Lia is surely not like anybody else on the women’s swimming team. It is absurd to think otherwise, and such talk must stop. It has gone on long enough.

Lia is not, nor ever will be, a woman. Lia can refer to Lia in any particular way Lia wants. Lia can dress however Lia wants. Lia can identify however Lia wants. But Lia has male genitalia. Lia does not have breasts. Lia cannot bear children or produce eggs. Lia does not have a menstrual cycle. Lia will never go through menopause. These are the biological norms for being a woman. These are facts. This is science. And, as we all know from the past two years, science must be trusted.

It is crucial to respect the experiences and identities of individuals, but it is also essential to acknowledge the biological realities that inform our understanding of gender. While Lia may identify as a woman, the biological markers associated with being a woman cannot be dismissed. Science plays a vital role in shaping our understanding of the world, and we must recognize and respect the scientific facts that define biological sex.

Engaging in a thoughtful and respectful dialogue about gender and identity is necessary, but it is equally important to maintain a basis in scientific understanding. By doing so, we can foster a more inclusive and informed society that respects the experiences and perspectives of all individuals while recognizing the biological realities that exist.



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