Jemele Hill tears apart ‘stupid’ Aaron Rodgers after doubling down on Jimmy Kimmel feud

Jemele Hill has become the latest TV personality to call out Aaron Rodgers over his controversial comments as his feud with Jimmy Kimmel shows no sign of ending.

The New York Jets veteran, 40, has launched several conspiracies about media censorship and Covid in recent interviews which have whipped up a stir online.

The NFL star appeared on ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ on Tuesday to air his views and monologued about how the media is attempting to silence him.

“This is the game plan of the media. They try and cancel,” he said, despite being given a weekly platform by the show to air his opinions.

But Hill, a former ESPN reporter, tore into Rodgers by suggesting that he was ‘stupid’ for assuming he was being silenced, when the reality is that people do not agree with his controversial views.

“What really is annoying is that he’s on a weekly, mainstream media platform complaining about the mainstream media censoring him,” Hill said.

“Sir, you are not silenced, it’s just that people think a lot of the things that come out of your mouth are stupid.”

Later, Hill told CNN that watching Rodgers on the show felt “like you’re watching Newsmax”, questioning why he has been allowed to peddle his agenda without being challenged.

Rodgers refuses to apologize
In one extraordinary rant, he claimed talkshow host Kimmel is on a list of high-profile celebrities accused of having close ties with convicted paedophile Jeffery Epstein.

Several documents have been unsealed from a case brought forward by Epstein’s accuser, Virginia Guiffre, with one containing a list of visitors to Epstein’s private island where the alleged sexual activities took place – and Rodgers claimed Kimmel would be implicated.

However, he hit back with the threat of legal action over his monologue and Rodgers, as of Tuesday, has opted not to make a public apology.

Rodgers has been out injured since September after injuring his Achilles just four into his debut for the Jets, who joined after leaving the Green Bay Packers in April 2023 in a trade.



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