Rachel Bilson talks being SHAMED by Whoopi Goldberg on The View – after host criticized her thoughts on single men in their 40s

Rachel Bilson thinks she should be sending Whoopi Goldberg a Christmas gift after getting ‘called out’ on national television over her body count comments.

Back in October, Bilson said she would find it ‘weird’ if a single man in his 40s had only slept with four women – and her remarks were criticized by Whoopi on The View.

The drama was brought up during Bilson’s appearance on Bill Maher’s Club Random podcast, where Maher, 67, said the actress should now be ‘sending them a fruit basket’ after the conversation generated her publicity. ‘I should be sending Whoopi a f**king Christmas present is what I should be doing,’ Bilson, 42, said.

Speaking of the drama, the O.C. actress said the criticism almost felt ‘like shaming in a weird way.’

‘I normally don’t respond when I get called out for things,’ she elaborated. ‘But then again, it’s like, “Alright, well, if you’re talking about my podcast and I said something, let me respond. Because it’s just going to bring more people to maybe hear the conversation in the first place.”‘

Bilson also mentioned there was more context to her comments and that she had backtracked on her initial remarks.

Back in October, the View panel were discussing Bilson’s claim that she would find it ‘weird’ if a single man in his 40s had only slept with four women.

Whoopi, 68, admitted she found Rachel’s comments ‘very odd’. She said it was not her ‘business’ how many sexual partners a suitor had and added ‘If he’s happy with you and you’re having a good time, why are you b****ing?’

Joy claimed it wouldn’t bother if her lover had only been with four sexual partners, blurting out: ‘If one out of the four can locate my G spot, I’m all in! I don’t need thousands, get me one good one!’

The live studio burst out laughing at Joy’s raunchy remark, but Whoopi was more concerned and quipped: ‘That scares me! If you don’t know where that G spot is by now…’

The G spot is an erogenous zone inside of the vagina.

Joy – who has been married to Steve Janowitz since 2011 – felt the need to explain herself further, firing back: ‘I know where it is! I’m going to form a search party soon for them to find it!’

The remark prompted Sister Act star Whoopi to divulge a subtle detail about her own sex life.

‘But what makes you think that you don’t ever have to tell… listen, not that I want to give you all this information, but you have to teach people what you want and where things are. They don’t know if you don’t tell them!’ she exclaimed as the studio audience gave her a round of applause.

Referring to Rachel’s comments, Joy replied: ‘That’s why she doesn’t like the four. She figures he doesn’t have enough experience.’

Whoopi argued: ‘She is assuming that she knows anything about the four, she doesn’t!’

Sunny Hostin then piped up and admitted: ‘I don’t want to know anything about ex sexual partners, I’ve never asked my husband that. But I only wanna know if you have the herp or the clap or something like that. Then I want to know who gave you the herp or the clap because I don’t want that, but that’s it, there’s no need to know.’

Alyssa Farah Griffin added: ‘I also think if you’re in a happy, stable relationship and you’re overly consumed with your partner’s past, that’s a red flag in itself, like if they’re invested in you, then it doesn’t really matter.’

She continued: ‘And by the way, can we also be done with the slut shaming women if they’ve had more than one partner! I hate it! I am a conservative Christian but I also dated through my thirties.

Sunny was clearly intrigued, adding: ‘I haven’t dated in 27 years, do men ask women how many partners they’ve had?’

Whoopi responded: ‘I don’t know, nobody I know has ever done that.’

Alyssa piped up again and revealed: ‘That was my thought, but to be clear, I’m not like Magic Johnson over here! I’m just saying I dated people before my husband!’

Some viewers tuning in at home were not impressed with Alyssa’s mention of the former basketball player and took to social media to share their thoughts.

‘Please tell me my ears are playing tricks on me and I did NOT hear @Alyssafarah reference Magic Johnson in this convo… #TheView,’ one person posted on X.

Another wrote: ‘I hope Alyssa was not trying to make a Magic Johnson joke #TheView,’ and a third commented: ‘Leave Magic alone, Alyssa!! #TheView.’

A fourth person added sarcastically: ‘Ummm what did you mean that you’re not Magic Johnson??? #TheView.’



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