The Fall of a SuperStar: Colin Kaepernick’s Journey Reaches its Defining End

Colin Kaepernick’s days in the NFL are over. He won’t find a spot on any team’s roster or practice squad. This conclusion has long been established.

Last year, there was a surprising workout opportunity with the Raiders, but it ultimately led nowhere. Even with the recent injury to Jimmy Garoppolo, it is highly unlikely that the Raiders or any other team will consider signing Kaepernick.

Kaepernick recently sent a letter to Jets General Manager Joe Douglas, which was leaked five days later, presumably after failing to secure a tryout invitation. The contents of the letter were perplexing. Kaepernick offered to lead the practice squad, unaware of how NFL teams operate. The scout-team quarterback is selected based on the skills of the next opponent’s quarterback, which could be the second or third string or even a non-quarterback. It is never the practice squad’s “leader” every week.

The fact that Kaepernick turned this into a publicity stunt will not make the Jets more inclined to give him a chance. Furthermore, the significant amount of time that has passed since his last game (January 1, 2017) further diminishes the likelihood of him receiving an opportunity.

Simply put, it has been too long. The NFL’s successful collusion and blackballing of Kaepernick played a part in this. Congratulations to the NFL, as their efforts to keep him out have lasted long enough that the strongest argument against giving him a chance is the length of his absence.

That concludes the story. The NFL wanted him out, the NFL kept him out, and now it is far too late for Kaepernick to make a comeback.



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