Sue Bird Clarifies She and Megan Rapinoe Didn’t Get Married This Week: ‘Sorry for the Confusion’

Sue Bird is setting the record straight!

The retired WNBA star, 43, had fans wondering if she and fiancée Megan Rapinoe had tied the knot after she posted a carousel of photos that showed the couple in wedding finery — or as Bird called it “Sue-ted & Booted.”

“PSA: Megan & I did NOT get married,” Bird later wrote on her Instagram Story. “Sorry for the confusion. I guess the fits were too good.”

It turns out, the pair were dressed up for the wedding of soccer players Jess Fishlock and Tziarra King, an event also attended by fellow retired soccer star Ali Krieger.“Cheers to these two incredible humans who I was so honored to celebrate this week!” Krieger, 39, wrote in her own Instagram post. “I wish you two all the happiness and love!! I can’t wait for our next memory!! Xoxo”

At the wedding, Bird wore a white double-breasted jacket and black slacks with a white pearl hair barrette while Rapinoe sported a black blazer dress over lacy black tights — and a protective boot after undergoing surgery on a torn Achilles last month.

Rapinoe also shared a picture of her hitting the dance floor with the two brides — and the newly-retired soccer star’s electric scooter for her injury.”This really sums it up. Congratulations to the two most beautiful brides I ever did see. To a long life and long love. May you always have this much fun❤️ Thank you for a beautiful few days ✨” Rapinoe captioned the photo.
The couple has been engaged since October 2020, four years after meeting at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.Supporting one another through new chapters and challenges has been a key to the couple’s success.On the eve of Rapinoe’s retirement last month, Bird told PEOPLE that she was able to offer her partner her own “perspective” about moving on from being a professional athlete.

“It’s not that we’re experiencing the exact same thing, but it’s very similar,” Bird said at the time. “There’s a lot of parallels. I think for me in this particular moment, I can just give my perspective, give my thoughts, share my experience, and let her take from that what makes sense.”

She added, “Let her take from that what’s going to hopefully help her through. Because I think, no matter what, it doesn’t matter what career it is, if you’ve done something for as long as Megan’s been playing soccer, myself, basketball, it’s an adjustment. Even if you’re ready. She’s ready. Even if you’re ready, it’s never easy, so just supporting in that way.”



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