‘Lia Thomas was NOT fair’ Caitlyn Jenner blasts ‘we need to protect women’s sport’

Caitlyn Jenner has demanded the protection of women’s sport as she lamented the rise of trans athletes taking part.

Citing the case of Lia Thomas, the Olympic gold medallist said it was “not fair” how the trans swimmer was allowed to win an NCAA Division I national championship in 2022.

“Lia Thomas was 6’4, big hands, transitioned just over the last couple of years, and hormone levels were lower but went through male puberty”, she said.

“6’4, big hands, kicking butt in the NCAA, and it’s just wrong. It’s just not fair because they went through male puberty.

“FINA is the world organisation for controlling the rules in swimming. They changed the rules and said, quite rightly, that you would have to have transitioned before the age of 12.

“I agree with that decision and we’ll see how that works out.”

Speaking to John Cleese, Jenner went on to praise Sebastian Coe for “picking fairness over equality” when it comes to trans athletes taking part in athletics.

“He’s the head of World Athletics and a couple of months back he picked fairness over equality”, she said.

“He came in and basically banned trans women from international sports. Again, I think that’s the right decision.

“We have to protect women’s sports.”

Coe announced the ruling in March, saying the decision had been taken in consultation with a number of member federations.

Speaking out on the decision, the World Athletics boss said the organisation needs “more evidence” before deciding any physical advantages have been “ameliorated before they are willing to consider an option for inclusion into the female category”.

Jenner feels there is a long way to go in tackling trans participation in women’s sports, suggesting US President Joe Biden is trying to facilitate it.

She blasted the US President for “being on the wrong side of every issue”, suggesting he is looking to relax a law in a bid to encourage trans participation.

“Title Nine was passed back in the early 80s, and it was a fairness, mostly in the NCAA, but fairness in women’s sports”, she said.

“Let’s say the men’s soccer team gets 10 scholarships, then the women have to get 10 scholarships too.

“With that in place over the last 30-40 years, it has risen women’s sport tremendously. It has given out so many scholarships to women, and it has been such a great program.

“This would kill women’s sport. Joe Biden is literally trying to ruin women’s sports by letting anybody who just identifies as a woman go in and compete.

“It would destroy women’s sport. It would discourage women. It is ridiculous with fairness first, that’s what we’re doing.”



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