Angelina Jolie confirms she will reprise her role as Maleficent in third installment of the Disney franchise… after hinting she wants to quit acting

In a recent interview with WSJ. Magazine, actress Angelina Jolie confirmed her reprisal of the iconic role of Maleficent in the upcoming third installment of the Disney franchise. The details about the movie and the rest of the cast are yet to be announced. This announcement comes four years after the release of the sequel, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

Interestingly, in the same interview, Jolie hinted at her desire to retire from acting and expressed her intention to spend more time in Cambodia, away from the “unhealthy” environment of Los Angeles. She mentioned losing the ability to travel freely due to her ongoing legal battle with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, following their divorce. Jolie shared her dislike for Hollywood, describing it as a shallow place, and mentioned that she wouldn’t have chosen acting as a profession if she were starting today.

Despite her plans for a potential career shift, Jolie remains committed to her humanitarian work. She has been actively involved with the UN Refugee Agency for over two decades and considers many of her closest friends to be refugees.

The highly successful Maleficent franchise has garnered significant attention and box-office success, with the original film grossing $758 million worldwide and its sequel grossing $491.7 million.

While Jolie’s future in the entertainment industry remains uncertain, she emphasized her determination to continue fighting for causes she believes in. The ongoing legal battle with Pitt has had an impact on her personal and professional life, leading her to prioritize healing and seeking authenticity in her future endeavors.



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