‘The View’ Host Ana Navarro Calls Out Whoopi for Loudly Slurping Her Drink Mid-Conversation: ‘You Want Mine, Baby?’

As they always do, the women of “The View” celebrated Thanksgiving together with an on-air feast on Wednesday. But the hazard of having food and drink during the show is that it might get distracting — and it did. So much so, in fact, that host Ana Navarro called out Whoopi Goldberg for her loud slurping.

The moment came during the second topic of the day, wherein the women discussed proper Thanksgiving etiquette. For Ana Navarro, the biggest issue she always has when hosting events is the concept of the RSVP. The host noted that it’s very important to her that her guests RSVP, and show up with no more and no less than the amount of people they indicated were coming.

As Navarro further explained why this particular bit of etiquette is most important to her, Whoopi grabbed her drink and sucked down what was left of it. But, as she hit the bottom, she kept slurping through the straw, hoping to get all the remnants. As she did, Navarro stopped mid-sentence to check in.“You want mine, baby?” she said, offering Whoopi her own drink as a refill.

Host Sara Haines also offered hers, but Whoopi declined, and proved she was still very much in tune with the conversation.

“No no, I’m very happy! You like place cards, I was listening!” she replied.

The moment drew a large laugh from the crowd and the audience, and Navarro joked that Whoopi herself is usually fancy when it comes to hosting, considering Whoopi wrote a whole book on the topic.

Whoopi then added that she was just really enjoying the spread laid out in front of her and her co-hosts for the day.



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