Whoopi Goldberg Fakes Her Way Through Another Advice Segment On ‘The View’: “I’ve Been Instructed To Look Like I’m Really Interested”

It’s no secret that Whoopi Goldberg can’t stand fluff segments on The View. However, the longtime moderator was forced to pretend as though she cared on this morning’s episode after producers “instructed” her to show more interest in advice questions.

According to Goldberg, a woman wrote into the Sex and Relationships section of the New York Post asking what she should do about her boyfriend, who “likes photos and is chatting up other women on Instagram.”

But before they got too far into the Hot Topics segment, Sunny Hostin asked for some clarification.

“When you say chatting, is he sliding into people’s DMs and saying, ‘Hey’?” she wondered. “Because that’s not good.”

Goldberg, who has never hid her disdain for advice questions, then replied, “I’ve been instructed to look like I’m really interested in things like this. So let me look interested and say: Gee, Sunny! I don’t know. I’m not sure. I don’t know if he’s slipping into DMs or something else.”

The EGOT recipient put her acting skills to the test as she continued to make exaggerated facial expressions in response to her fellow co-hosts’ opinions on the subject.

“Men and women need to be honest that attraction is just a normal human thing. Your spouse is always gonna find other people attractive. If they act on it, that is a problem,” Alyssa Farah Griffin said, while Goldberg broke out into a belly laugh to prove to producers that she was still engaging in the conversation.When it came to the thirst trap portion of the discussion, Ana Navarro suggested that the panel follow Maluma since he “hasn’t worn a shirt on Instagram in three years,” prompting a sarcastic response from Goldberg.

“No! My God, we’ll be right back!” she exclaimed through a gasp, before cheekily adding, “Pearl clutch!”



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