Colin Kaepernick One Of The Favorites To Join Cleveland Browns After Deshaun Watson Injury

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been a part of many rumors this season about rejoining the league after it was revealed that he wrote a letter to the New York Jets asking to join their practice squad. All of these rumors have been getting shut down, however, new rumors have been sparking up that he can join the Cleveland Browns after it was revealed that quarterback Deshaun Watson will undergo season-ending surgery to his shoulder.

Colin Kaepernick Rumors
Although Kaepernick is not the most likely to join the Browns, he is an intriguing option to look at. He has been trying to find a way back into the league this season and has been shut down. However, he has been offered to play professional football for other leagues, such as the XFL, when he met up with league owner Dwayne Johnson to discuss a potential job, but Kaepernick turned it down because he said it did not pay enough.

He has also been on the waitlist for the CFL, but it seems that he turned them down as well. This could be a good option for Cleveland as they do not possess a healthy number one under center anymore. Kaepernick has not been in the league for a while, but his itch to come back and prove himself could be a blessing in disguise, and could help Cleveland have another true starter on their roster.

Colin Kaepernick Career
Kaepernick was able to go for 12,271 passing yards and notch 72 touchdowns in his career with San Francisco. He was even able to bring the team to a Super Bowl and made the playoffs regularly. Although he has been out of the league for a while, the winning mindset of Kaepernick could mean that he still has a little left in the tank to showcase.

The Browns are currently 6-3 and are tied in second place with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC North division. The two teams will square off against each other this week, and Cleveland, for the time being, will be starting Dorian Thompson-Robinson. We will see if the team will at least consider Kaepernick as a potential candidate, but it is unlikely to happen.



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