Joy Behar’s birthday pasta for Whoopi Goldberg went missing: ‘Where is the stolen lasagna?’

The im-pasta-ble has happened: a lasagna has gone missing in Joy Behar’s home.

At the top of Tuesday’s episode, The View host gifted her famous casserole to her costar Whoopi Goldberg as a late birthday present before revealing that the original lasagna she’d made for the Ghost actress had mysteriously disappeared from her freezer.

“Yesterday I was home looking for [the lasagna], I had made three of them about two weeks ago,” Behar explained. “I ate one, me and my husband, I gave one to somebody else, and I saved one for you.”When she checked the freezer for Goldberg’s lasagna, Behar said “it was not anywhere to be found.”

“There is a missing lasagna somewhere,” she declared, prompting Alyssa Farah Griffin to reply, “Where is the stolen lasagna?!”

Behar felt similarly outraged by the noodle nabbing. “I feel like putting out an APB for it [to] find the lasagna!”

The lost lasagna meant that Behar was forced to whip up another batch for Goldberg in honor of her special day. She added, “Anyway, enjoy it.””I will,” Goldberg replied, noting that her keen family had already asked if she’d received Behar’s lasagna yet for her birthday. “But you know what’s gonna happen if you try to touch it,” she said, issuing a word of warning to her family. “As a matter of fact, I’m just gonna keep it right here.”

Earlier in the episode, Behar told Goldberg that she was well aware that giving her a lasagna would “provoke some jealousy amongst the bitches over here,” causing Sara Haines and Griffin into burst into laughter.

“I know you have to earn your lasagna,” Haines maintained. “I’ve only been here for six years!”

Sunny Hostin interjected, “Seven for me and I didn’t get one and it was just last month!”



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