Roseanne Barr, Stephen King knock Elon Musk for cheering ‘great wakening from woke’ on social media

WASHINGTON (TND) — X owner Elon Musk published a controversial post on his platform formerly known as Twitter this week, drawing strong reactions from celebrities and other public figures.

“The great wakening from woke has happened. This is good for civilization,” Musk wrote on X, earning nearly 43 million views and 400K comments.

Replying to the post was lauded horror author Stephen King, who blasted Musk’s assertion as “Bulls—.”

Musk, however, appeared to fire back with a jab at King’s previous substance abuse struggles.

“If I were to say is a h of a dr ug, what’s the first word that comes to mind?” he asked.

In a separate post, King later announced his distaste for Musk’s management of X, saying “This X s—‘s got to go #ChangeItBack.”

Also chiming in on Musk’s post was comedian Roseanne Barr, who argued that the X owner’s assessment overlooked some critical elements of modern society, especially on college campuses.

“You must be missing all the woke—- sponsored Nazi rallies across campuses,” Barr replied.X commenters agreed with Barr’s statement.

“Roseanne, nothing good has come out of our universities in decades,” one said. “I think Musk is speaking of the general public.”

“Without a doubt! It’s gotten worse not better!” another added.The interactions are the latest between Musk and public figures. This week, Musk taunted billionaire philanthropist George Soros in an appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, saying Soros “fundamentally hvtes humanity.”

Musk also took a shot at rival tech entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, suggesting he rename his platform Facebook to “Faceboob.” A post by parody news account The Babylon Bee on the subject earned Musk’s approval, with him saying “it would be a much better name!”



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