Playing with Megan Rapinoe ‘has made me a smarter, better soccer player’

Megan Rapinoe has done a lot for the game of soccer.

For the teammates of the retiring OL Reign star, though, Rapinoe’s impact extends beyond her accomplishments. For example, her soccer smarts have helped to make everyone around her better.

“What P has done to impact me is, it goes beyond just the field,” OL Reign forward Veronica Latsko told CBS Sports’ “Attacking Third.” “I think that on the field playing with her has made me a smarter, better soccer player. And the things that she can see, it’s difficult to describe because I wouldn’t notice it otherwise. She’s such a smart player. She’s so talented. And she’s so willing to share that information with everybody because she wants everyone around her to be the best that they could possibly be.”Latsko added that it’s “so much fun” to play with Rapinoe, which she has done since joining OL Reign in 2022.

“To play with such a brilliant player, with such enthusiasm for the game still, it’s incredible,” she said.

And as much as Rapinoe excels on the field, she also is a staunch advocate off it. That’s something that doesn’t go unnoticed, and she inspires her teammates to do the same, Latsko said.

“Off the field she’s one of the biggest advocates for women and in women’s sports. It’s such an incredible time in my life to be a part of everything that she’s doing,” Latsko said. “I’m not the only one that can say this but, she inspires a lot of people to not just branch out and advocate for change but actually make that change. And it’s amazing, it’s been an incredible experience.”



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