This ‘simple’ math exercise confuses the entire internet: think you know the answer?

Maybe it’s been a good few years since we were in school, but it’s quite good to refresh your memory with a quiz or a math problem from time to time.

Sometimes you can put your brain to the test with something that looks easy, just to remember how much you’ve forgotten since your days at school.

This math quiz puzzled catched the internet by storm, perhaps because so many people began to remember just how easy it should be. They think they know the answer only to find out they were wrong.

What is so confusing to many people about this mathematical problem is what calculation to do first. You have to consider multiplying, parentheses, division, and all the rest.

We must admit that we had trouble at first, but it got so much the moment we saw how to do it in the video below.

It seems that we were not the only ones to pull our hair out as a result of this riddle. The answer is simple – once you know how to do it.

We were wrong but we enjoyed this mathematical refreshment that took us back to our school days.

What do you think is the answer? There is a law that needs to be followed to solve this exercise that many of us have forgotten.

This exercise has caused many arguments among the millions of people who tried to solve it on YouTube and on Facebook.

So you can try to solve the exercise, then watch the video below to see if you were right..



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