Kate Middleton left “heartbroken” over Prince William’s decision on George’s future

Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William, have their hands full raising their three children. Prince George has already visited what could be his next school, which takes applications from prospective students three(!) years beforehand!

Prince William, alongside several other royals, went to Eton College. The prestigious school has an excellent reputation, and it appears that it might also be George’s destiny to follow in his father’s footsteps.

But now, it looks like Kate Middleton is not at all in the same boat as her husband when it comes to choosing schools for their children. According to a new report, the Princess of Wales is “heartbroken” about William’s latest call.

Prince William and Princess Kate have had quite the schedule in the last few months. The prince has been traveling abroad, while Kate remained in the UK, performing her royal duties and supporting their children.

However, in recent weeks, she has been away from her royal duties, and that is because of her eldest son.Kate Middleton on break from royal duties
According to The Mirror, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are on their autumn half-term holidays from school. The royal children now have their first break of the school year, which began on October 13. The students are set to return on Monday, October 30.

Therefore, Princess Kate has decided to keep her engagements to a minimum to spend time with her children instead. Meanwhile, Prince William is set to attend the Earthshot Prize Award. Prince George is said to have exams in just a few weeks and will likely use some of his spare time during the school break to study.

Kate has always been very keen on her family and will not attend her husband’s Earthshot Prize Award because she wants to support her son before his exams.

“The Princess will not be attending. Prince George has exams that week, and the princess wants to be at home to support him,” a source told The Mirror.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis all go to Lambrook School, not far away from their home at the Windsor grounds. The school offers a variety of activities for the children, and for the royal kids, having siblings nearby is probably a very calming feeling.

However, as they grow up, there are already talks about where the youngster will continue their education. Safe to say, it is a critical decision Prince William and Princess Kate have to make. But they already have their sights set on Prince George’s new school.Some months ago, the young prince was spotted alongside his parents looking around Eton College. Both Prince William and Prince Harry attended the prestigious boarding school in the past.

Prince George to attend Eton?
Eton’s tuition is around £46,000 ($59,000) a year. Though Prince George won’t join the school until he turns 13, children have to be registered for the school during the year that they turn 10, according to the school’s website.

So what would it mean if George attended Eton? According to The Express‘ royal correspondent, Richard Palmer, it surprisingly says a lot about Kate.

“I find it fascinating because the Princess of Wales is spending so much of her life talking about giving children a better start in life, and part of that, she and her advisors have talked about reducing inequality,” he said.

“And there you have her children at a fee-paying independent school, almost certain to go to an expensive fee-paying boarding school later on.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton have always said they want to give their children a normal childhood. But if that is the case, would they send them to a boarding school like Eton?

According to former BBC royal expert, Jennie Bond, it doesn’t make sense.

“The choice of school for the children will tell us a lot about William and Catherine,” she told OK!.

“So far, they’ve been such a hands-on parents and, personally, I think it would be sad to see them send their children away to boarding school. I would applaud a decision to keep them as day pupils at schools nearby their home. But I think both William and Catherine were happy at boarding school. I suppose it’s what they know, and perhaps they will want to pass this experience on to their children.”



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