He Said His Parrot Could Sing My Favorite Song. I Didn’t Believe Him Until The Music Started

Maglio shared the video to YouTube along with the following description: “Last night we remade Stairway to heaven. It was one year ago that we shot that 1st video and posted it to Facebook, not knowing millions of people would eventually be watching. It was purely discovered & launched Tico’s fame. Let’s do this again pls share.”

Thousands of people shared their thoughts and reactions to the parrot’s performance of Stairway to Heaven in the video’s comment section.

“We are an instrumental band, but we’d make an exception for the amazing Tico.”

“What a lovely man – he plays beautifully but is still willing to be upstaged by his musically gifted parrot. These videos give me so much joy – and this one in particular. Lucky little bird. It’s clear daddy loves him.”

“He’s a bit bird-brained, naturally, but you can tell he’s listened and remembers the real song.



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