Singing Legend Connie Francis Turned 85 — She Still Uses Lipstick, Dresses Smart And Lives In A Cozy House.

Pop icon Connie Francis, who rose to fame in the 1960s, turned 85 on Monday, December 12, 2022. To celebrate, she hosted a grand party at her home and invited her loved ones.
Francis is renowned for her hit tracks such as “Who’s Sorry Now?” and also acted in films like “Where the Boys Are” and “When the Boys Meet the Girls.”

Despite achieving success in the entertainment industry, Francis confessed to feeling uneasy in front of the camera. However, she continued to receive love from her admirers and family, and expressed gratitude for the “largest gathering of lifetime friends” on her birthday.

Francis’ life has been far from simple. She had to pass up the opportunity to be with her first love, musician Bobby Darin, due to her father’s disapproval. She later married and divorced four times and adopted a son with her third husband. Her brother was murdered in the 1970s, she was a victim of sexual assault, and suffered from acute depression, which led to her hospitalization.

Despite these struggles, Francis remained positive and continued to advocate for mental health. She also supported the American military. Tony Ferretti, her lifelong companion, passed away in the beginning of 2022, and Francis has been spending her final days away from the limelight at her Florida home.

Although she no longer performs, Francis has a large circle of friends who adore and encourage her. She has been living in her luxurious Florida home for the last two decades, and it appears that her home was spared by the devastating Hurricane Irma.



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