‘The View’ Ana Navarro Slams Whoopi Goldberg For Not Watching

Ana Navarro called Whoopi Goldberg out for not watching The View on her days off in a recent episode. It seemed like Ana had a few choice words for the award-winning actress and talk show host on the subject during a discussion with Keegan-Michael Key. Keep reading to see how she slammed Whoopi for not tuning in.

Keegan-Michael Key Opens Up About Being Inspired By Whoopi
Actor Keegan-Michael Key was a guest on The View last Friday. He joined the hosts of the show with his wife, Elle Key. The pair are currently promoting their podcast, The History of Sketch Comedy.

During their discussion, Keegan opened up to the ladies at The View about where he has found inspiration throughout his career. Not surprisingly, he said that he has always been inspired by Whoopi Goldberg. Specifically, her work on Broadway has motivated him in his own work.

“Keegan, you spent a lot of time listening to cassettes of Saturday Night Live, but you also had one album in particular that inspired you,” Sara Haines said, which led Keegan-Michael Key to talk about an old production of Whoopi’s.

“Yes, I had Whoopi Goldberg Direct From Broadway,” he replied to Sara. “That was one of the most influential albums of my career.”

Keegan explained that the album was a one-person show. At the time he discovered it, he wasn’t aware that one person could play so many characters. “So much of my career I owe to Whoopi, I really do,” the former Key & Peele star said. Much of his own career has been sketch comedy and some of his own one-man shows.

Ana Navarro Calls Whoopi Goldberg Out For Not Watching The View
Of course, Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t there to hear what an inspiration she’s been to Keegan-Michael Key. She’s off every Friday and missed his appearance on The View. The other hosts on the show made sure to tell Keegan that they would relay the message, though.

Joy Behar mentioned that many people say that Whoopi has been a major inspiration for them in their own careers when they come on. Then Ana Navarro chimed in, saying, “We’ll tell her because I assure you, she’s not watching.” The whole table laughed at Ana’s remark and then moved on even though it seemed like a dig at Whoopi.In the past, Ana has given Whoopi Goldberg a hard time about having to fill her in on what happens on the show on the days she is absent. It doesn’t appear that she’s going to let up on that gripe any time soon.

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