Former NFL linebacker Terence Garvin ripped Colin Kaepernick for continuing to push for an NFL comeback years after he has taken a snap.

Garvin — who spent six seasons in the NFL — joined fellow ex-NFLer Arthur Moats on the latter’s podcast The Arthur Moats Experience with Deke Podcast.

Moats attempted to segue into talk of Kaepernick’s recent video of him working out at Nike headquarters with current pros including Steelers running back Najee Harris and Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb. However, he could hardly get through the setup without cracking up at Garvin’s reaction to this.

Then, Garvin ripped into Kaepernick with one of the most blisteringly accurate analogies on the subject you will ever hear.

“The senior prom was like six years ago, bro,” Garvin said over the phone. “It’s over, bro. It’s over, bro. You feel me? You still trying to be the prom queen! It’s a wrap!”

That’s so true. The former Niners QB does act like someone trying to cling to their bygone glory days.

Garvin had more. He pointed out that Kaepernick trying to pull some stunt in the name of a “comeback” has become an annual tradition.

“He pops up this time of year every year,” Garvin said. “Like, we know you can throw the ball.”

Garvin, Moats Said There Was No Way Kaepernick Could Come Back
Garvin also slammed Nike for making the video and pointed out the symbiotic relationship Kaepernick and the Swoosh have. He even argued that the company made guys like Lamb and Harris show up for the video shoot.

“Them dudes was mandated by Nike to be out there,” Garvin said.

Garvin and Moats also touched on how they thought the settlement money Kaepernick received meant that his NFL hopes were finished. Even so, they acknowledged that breaking into the league again after being out for so long was impossible given all the options teams have to choose from before they get to Kaepernick.

“It passes you by, the game is young, every year there is fresh talent,” Moat said. “How do I take a dude that hasn’t been out here playing in-game when I can go get a USFL or an XFL guy? I can get a dude who’s ballin’ in Canada. At least they have been using live bullets.”

On top of that, both agreed that they understand why owners would be apprehensive about bringing Kaepernick into the fold given the negative attention he brings

They couldn’t be more right. Kaepernick isn’t headed back to the NFL. He’s just grasping for ways to stay relevant.



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