Beer industry expert: Bud Light’s decline looks ‘quasi-permanent,’ ‘those consumers are just lost forever’

Damage to Bud Light appears “quasi-permanent” and longtime consumers could be “lost forever” after the brand failed to rebound from ongoing backlash as initially expected in recent weeks, according to a prominent trade publication publisher.

“The Bud Light situation has actually gotten worse,” Beer Business Daily publisher Harry Schuhmacher told Fox News Digital.

“You see Bud Light still just stubbornly down around 30% in volume compared to last year, which is where it’s been since May or June,” Schuhmacher continued. “That tells me that this is quasi-permanent, meaning those consumers are just lost forever.”Schuhmacher, who has worked in the beer industry for over three decades in multiple positions and has published Beer Business Daily for 20 years, has been covering Bud Light’s sagging sales since the company’s now-infamous promo with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney last spring.

“Bud Light’s latest week trends — down 26.9% in dollars and down 30.3% in volume — are nearly identical to its four-week trends,” Beer Business Daily recently reported, citing Bump Williams Consulting.

Schuhmacher said Bud Light is likely to see similar year-over-year declines for the “foreseeable future,” or “at least until April and May of 2024 when they lap the controversy” and the new normal will be baked into the numbers. “I think the industry thought it would have rebounded by now, but it hasn’t,” he said. “It’s actually worse than just lost sales because now it’s getting to the point where it’s becoming systemic within the industry, and they’re losing the confidence of the retailers and that’s when it starts getting bad.”

Schuhmacher explained that once retailers lose confidence in a product, it loses valuable shelf space and even more valuable display space.

“You see those end caps at the end of aisles at the grocery store? When you start losing those, it’s bad because you not only lose store visibility, but you also lose being able to load a lot of inventory into the store,” he said. “Displays are a big tool for the beer industry to move beer, and that could be concerning to A-B (Anheuser-Busch).”

At this point, Schuhmacher said the summer of 2024 is going to be “a big test” for the long-term success of Bud Light and the brand needs to hope it regains the confidence of retailers in the meantime.

Schuhmacher regularly speaks to wholesalers across North America, whom the Bud Light saga has been particularly tough for.



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