Whoopi Goldberg’s shocking demands ahead of Thanksgiving episode revealed by producer in interview

It’s been rumored that Whoopi will also soon retire

THE View’s Whoopi Goldberg has insisted on celebrating Thanksgiving on the show a certain way, according to the show’s producer.

The moderator’s requests were revealed on the October 20 installment of the show’s podcast, The View: Behind the Table.During the episode, The View’s executive producer Brian Teta sat down with View co-host Ana Navarro, 51, to recap the week.

At one point, their conversation veered toward food they’d had on the show, which prompted Ana to inquire about their upcoming Thanksgiving episode.

“What kind of turkey are we doing?” Whoopi’s co-host asked.

Brian then revealed their plan and noted that it was requested by Whoopi years earlier.”So, this is interesting. Whoopi started this a long time ago,” he began. “Obviously, our Thanksgiving show is not on Thanksgiving. It’s the day before, and [Whoopi] doesn’t want to eat turkey two days in a row, so instead of actually having turkey, we have appetizers.”

Ana then gushed over how much she loved turkey before they moved on to another subject.

Whoopi joined the panel on The View in 2007 and has been moderating the talk show ever since.

It’s been rumored that the Sister Act star was planning to retire from her longtime gig, but Ana recently revealed she doesn’t think that will happen anytime soon.In an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun earlier this month, Ana was asked who she thought would retire first: Whoopi or her other veteran co-host, Joy Behar, 81.

“Oh hell…I think both of them are going to outlive me!” the TV star joked.

Whoopi also commented on the rumors before being honored at the FGI Gala.

“I’ve done nothing but retire. I’ve been retired my whole career, so I kind of like that, yeah,” the actress told The U.S. Sun.

The EGOT recipient also noted that she’s following the orders of her contract.

“As long as I’m doing the contract, nobody’s mad. But I’ve been off on Fridays for years now because when we did that normally, I’d go to work and do shows or do whatever because I could travel on a Friday,” she shared.

While Whoopi is out on Fridays, Joy takes off on Mondays each week, which has also been the case for years.

Their other co-hosts hold down the fort in their absence: Ana, Sara Haines, 46; Sunny Hostin, 55; and Alyssa Farah Griffin, 34.



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