Whoopi Goldberg yells ‘shut your mouth!’ at View producer just as show begins before explaining reason behind ‘argument’

THE View host Whoopi Goldberg has yelled at a producer of the show on Wednesday.

At the beginning of the first topic, the producer interrupted her and she told him to “shut his mouth!”When the View hosts walked out from back stage, a different song played than their usual theme song.

“Hello and welcome to the View,” the 67-year-old said before explaining the change.

“We walked out to the Oscar-winning song Shaft by Isaac Hayes in order to honor the great actor, Richard Roundtree, who passed away at 81.”

Whoopi continued: “We will forever remember him as the big screen’s first Black action hero, ok?””So, I want to talk about Shaft.”

Their producer, Brian Teta, interrupted the moderator and said: “Whoopi, I don’t think we should do that.”

“Why?” she asked.

“He’s a complicated man,” Brian said. “Nobody understands him but his woman.”The crowd laughed because Brian was referencing lyrics from the song Shaft.

“John Shaft?” Whoopi asked, saying more lyrics.

Their other producer then joked: “You know that shaft is a bad mother-.”

“Shut your mouth!” Whoopi warned with wide eyes as her co-hosts laughed.

“But, I’m talking about Shaft,” he joked.

“John Shaft,” Whoopi replied.

An audience member cheered and she turned to them and said the lyrics: “Can you dig it?”

“That’s our little homage,” Whoopi ended. “He was a great actor and a gorgeous man.”

The little fight was fake as the three of them just stated lyrics from the song Shaft.

Although this tiff was a fun gag between the host and producers, other times the conversation is more serious.

Whoopi’s co-host, Sunny Hostin, 54, has defended her and the producer’s “rude” behavior towards her.

Sunny sat down with Brian, 47, to chat on The View’s Behind the Table podcast about two weeks ago.

What started as a playful conversation escalated as the executive producer mentioned how he had to “yell” at the hosts during that day’s episode because of a time constraint.

Sunny interjected: “I don’t like when you play the music, I think it’s rude.”

She referred to Brian playing music during the show to hint to the hosts that it’s time to cut to break when they are still talking.

Sunny defended Whoopi saying that someone with an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award under their belt should not be cut off.

“Whoopi is an EGOT and you’re playing her off like it’s the Oscars,” she joked, adding: “Rude.”

Brian joked: “Like I’ve said several times, time is both finite and linear and I’m the only one who seems to understand that.”

“We had just had that conversation the commercial before where you were saying you did not enjoy being played off.”

Sunny clapped back: “I just think it’s rude, you don’t do that to Whoopi or Joy [Behar]. Rude.”

While the two continued to laugh over the topic, Brian noted how “big clocks” and “signs” tell him when to wrap things up.

“What else am I supposed to do? I could get a siren,” he joked.

Despite Sunny calling the action “rude,” Brian said he “enjoyed the smirk on Whoopi’s face.”



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