The View is blasted for ‘disrespecting’ Morgan Freeman with incredibly ‘short’ interview – as viewers SLAM Whoopi Goldberg and her co-hosts for wasting the actor’s time with their ‘inane chatter’

Morgan, 86, was on the show to promote new Netflix series Life On Our Planet
The Hollywood star’s interview with the panel lasted less than 10 minutes
Angry viewers claimed that the hosts had ‘disrespected’ the Oscar-winner

The View irritated fans for a second day running after ‘disrespecting’ actor Morgan Freeman by giving him less than 10 minutes on screen.

The 86-year-old joined Whoopi Goldberg and co live in the studio to discuss Life on our Planet, the new Netflix series he narrates – but viewers were infuriated by his ‘short’ appearance and branded the ABC program ‘bulls**t’.

‘I had a question but we’ve run out of time,’ Whoopi said as she swiftly wrapped up the chat with the Hollywood heavyweight – just one day after she was reprimanded online for ‘cutting short’ co-host Sunny Hostin during a discussion about the Israel-Palestine conflict.The panel were criticized for engaging in ‘inane chatter’ instead of dedicating another segment to Morgan after his brief seven-minute appearance.

One viewer fumed: ‘Morgan Freeman is a LEGEND!!!!!!!! You should never run out of time for him!!!! NEVER!!!!’

Another wrote: ‘It’s a shame to give legend Mr. Freeman only one segment! #TheView,’ and a third suggested: ‘@theview should have dedicated the time spent on inane chatter to Morgan Freeman.’

Referring to today’s topics, one angry viewer tweeted: ‘What the f**k you mean #theview ran out of time? Instead of talking bout shld there have been an abortion or not and the cheesecake date! Mr Morgan Freeman should have had 45 minutes RESPECT! SMH (sic).’

Someone else ranted: ‘@TheView HEY DaView producer’s, Morgan Freeman is an icon. Y’all totally disrespected him with a 10 minute segment. This is bulls**t!’ and another moaned: ‘The Morgan Freeman segment was too damn short.’

Another wrote: ‘A career spanning six decades and nothing to talk about on #TheView … really?’But others were distracted by Morgan’s physical appearance, claiming he ‘looks good’ for his age.

‘Morgan Freeman is 86!? Wow he looks good,’ wrote one person, while another added: ‘Morgan Freeman is a Legend. Love him.’

The Bruce Almighty actor was dressed in blue denim jeans, a tan suede jacket and a white baseball cap as he chatted away to Whoopi, Sunny, Sara Haines and Joy Behar about his latest project.

The groundbreaking nature docuseries follows the extraordinary journey of life to conquer, adapt and survive on Earth across billions of years.

‘I’m one of those people who’s very, very interested in this subject, life on the planet,’ Morgan said. ‘You understand that today life on the planet is in a little bit of trouble and we’re the cause of it.’He continued: ‘There have been, if I remember correctly, six extinction level events on the planet since life began. I mean, six times large, large portions of life just gone, destroyed.

‘We’re headed for another one and scientists have said if we don’t hurry up and change our ways, there’s going to be a cataclysmic event that will wipe many of us off the face of the Earth.

‘Well, you look back and this series does that, how far back does life exist on this planet and why does it still exist? It is because life is tenacious. Life. We’re not talking about human beings here, we’re talking about the planet. She’ll stay.’



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