Lia Thomas says her ‘feminist’ critics are misogynistic transphobes

Controversial transgender swimmer Lia Thomas slammed her “feminist” adversaries as misogynistic transphobes who reduce women to the value of their reproductive abilities.

The NCAA gold medalist told fellow trans swimmer Schuyler Bailar that her own University of Pennsylvania teammates displayed fraud feministic beliefs when they wrote a 2022 letter asking the division to bar Thomas from competition.

“They’re like, ‘Oh, we respect Lia, as a woman, as a trans woman or whatever, we respect her identity, we just don’t think it’s fair.’ You can’t really have that sort of half-support where you’re like, ‘Oh, I respect her as a woman here, but not here,’” Thomas said in a Monday episode of Bailar’s new podcast “Dear Schuyler.”

“They’re using the guise of feminism to sort of push transphobic beliefs. I think a lot of people in that camp sort of carry an implicit bias against trans people, but don’t want to, I guess, fully manifest or speak that out. And so they try to just play it off as this sort of half-support.”

In the interview — which aired just four days after House Republicans voted to ban transgender female athletes from taking part in girls’ and women’s sports — Thomas said that false feminists are hindering progress for women’s rights by fighting against trans women.Thomas, who began competing as a female during her final season, claimed trans-exclusionary radical feminists — also known as TERFs — are limiting the definition of a woman should solely rely on biology boils down to controlling people’s bodies.

Bailar — the first openly transgender NCAA Division I swimmer — agreed with Thomas and added that TERKS work against the core values of feminism.

“They think about how twisted “feminism” has become their arguments. In order to exclude anybody in the trans category, you have to reduce women to reproductive capacity, which is, in my opinion, extremely anti-feminist,” Bailar said.

Athletic organizations across the globe have been implementing trans-exclusionary regulations over the last several months in the name of fairness for female athletes.In March, the World Athletics announced that transgender women who have experienced male puberty will not be permitted to compete in female world ranking competitions.

The international council also implemented parameters for on the testosterone levels of transgender female athletes who qualify for competition.



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