Joy Behar Was Totally Lost On ‘The View’ As Whoopi Goldberg Tried To Make An Argument About Men And Abo rtion: “What Is The Point?”

Joy Behar was not picking up what Whoopi Goldberg was putting down on today’s episode of The View. The co-hosts couldn’t seem to understand one another during a conversation about Britney Spears‘ revelation that she got pregnant while dating Justin Timberlake and later had an abo rtion.

Spears claimed that she wanted to have the child, but Timberlake told her they weren’t ready; at the time she was 19 and he was 20. The View kicked off a conversation about how much say a man should have in a woman’s choice, with Behar confidently claiming women shouldn’t even have to disclose a pregnancy.

“When they get pregnant and start getting bloated and retaining, then they can make the decision,” Behar said. “In the meantime, I’m the one who has to pop this kid out, go through nine months of a pregnancy, possibly be nauseous for three months, whatever is involved. And then take care of the kid! It’s her decision, in my opinion.”

While Goldberg remained mostly silent during the debate, she interjected at the end with her own “suggestion.”

“You know, if they put as much onus on how men treat their own bodies — because the swimmers, we carry eggs. They carry the swimmers. I kind of feel like, they need to put the same onus on abor tion for men as they do for women, and let’s see how deep it’s going to be, because if you tell a man, ‘No, you can’t take care of yourself,’ I wonder how many of them are going to listen,” she said.

Behar replied, “But we don’t tell them what to do with their prostate,” but Goldberg cut her off, telling her co-host, “No, no, you’re missing the point.”

Admittedly confused, Behar asked, “What is the point?”

Goldberg responded, “The point is, if men cannot take care of themselves in the way that men do—” as Behar interrupted, “Wear a condom.”

While she was confident in her remark, it didn’t hit with Goldberg, who quickly corrected her.



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