The View fans are left fuming after Whoopi Goldberg ‘cuts off’ Sunny Hostin during debate about

The View faced a heavy backlash online on Tuesday when moderator Whoopi Goldberg seemingly ‘cut off’ co-host Sunny Hostin during a serious discussion about Israel and Palestine – only to return after the commercial break to talk Taylor Swift.

Sunny, 55, was highlighting how the ‘Palestinian people have not elected their government’ as she discussed ‘iIIegal occv0pations’ and ‘iIIegal settlements’.

But Whoopi, 67, interjected: ‘I’m gonna stop you for a second.’

Referring to a member of the crew off camera, she continued: ‘I’m gonna stop you because… he’s… we have to go to a break.’

Fans were fuming to find talk had swiftly turned to Taylor and the price of her concert tickets after the break, and accused bosses of deciding to ‘switch topics’ because Sunny was ‘willing to speak the truth’.

‘So, producers told them to go to this fluff Taylor Swift topic when we have real ish happening in the world #TheView (sic),’ one person tweeted.

Another said: ‘Sunny is the only one willing to speak the truth about this and they cut her off #TheView.’

A third fumed: ‘Wait… so they’ve talked about ONE actual important topic?! Suddenly they’ve moved onto fluff bullsh** like Taylor Swift’s tickets?! Grow up ladies !!!!’

A fourth person raged: ‘Who gives an entire hell or damn about whatever Taylor Swift does?! Get back to news! Important sh** we should give a crap about !!!!’

Another asked: ‘So are we just gonna ignore how they cut the conversation short about the genocide going on in Pale stine ? And switched to Taylor swift ticket sales?’



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