Candace Owens suspended from YouTube for ‘violating h. speech policy

Owens, 34, hosts a show on conservative news site The Daily Wire, as well as running her own podcast, and has become well-known for spouting dangerous claims about LGBTQ+ people.

In a video posted on The Daily Wire’s YouTube channel, fellow host Michael Knowles explained that he would be delivering the segment alone due to Owen’s suspension.

Explaining that the show will now be streaming directly to its website rather than the video-sharing platform, Knowles said: “YouTube, you see, hvtes us.”

“With its vague – some are calling them tyrannicaI – guidelines and their proclivity to censor conservative voices has once again banned my friend Candace,” he added, explaining that the ban prohibits the poIitical commentator “from posting or appearing on any of the Daily Wire’s YouTube channels”.



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