The View’s Sunny Hostin reveals ‘painful’ injury she endured while performing a dangerous stunt with her kids

SUNNY Hostin has revealed she sustained a painful injury after her kids challenged her to a dangerous stunt last week.

The View host, 55, said she heard a crunch and knew she’d be feeling the pain for weeks to come.

On Thursday, Sunny appeared on The View’s Behind the Table podcast, where she spoke with executive producer Brian Teta all about her birthday, which was on Friday, and aging.

At the start of the episode, the first thing he asked her was about how she was feeling and how she hurt herself.

She explained that her college student son, Gabriel, came home for the weekend while he was still recovering from his car accident.

Though he’s not working out much, he’s doing yoga to help his body get stronger.Sunny admitted they’re a “competitive family,” and he challenged her to hold various poses for a certain amount of time.

After she completed the task, her teen daughter, Paloma, upped the difficulty and told her mom to do a handstand.

While Sunny said she couldn’t do one, she asked if she could switch it to a split instead.

The 55-year-old said: “My kids start taunting me and telling me that I cannot do it. “So I go on my left side, I point, I do a beautiful ballet split. They are flabbergasted.

“But then my son says, ‘Can you do it on the other side?’ Sure can!

“[I] go to do it on the other side, and then I hear a little [makes ripping sound]. I heard an audible crinkling or like a crunchiness-sounding thing.”

Sunny’s doctor husband, Manny, examined her and said she’d torn her hamstring.

She said her injury is “very painful” and knows she’ll be “feeling like this for six weeks.”

Sunny had teased this secret talent of hers a few weeks ago.

On an earlier episode of The View podcast, Brian asked Sunny about her recent girls’ weekend with some friends.

She shared how much fun she had, including a game they played where they all shared their secret talents.

Sunny said: “I can do a full split, and [my friends] said it wasn’t true.

“And I said, ‘Yes, it is true. I danced ballet for many years. I stretch every morning, and I can do it.’

“And they tried to say that I was old. And I did it, and I got a standing ovation.”

Brian then teased that she needed to be prepared as he planned to “revisit” her secret talent on the talk show at some point.



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