Keith Richards and His Five Children: A Family Portrait

Keith Richards, a famous musician from The Rolling Stones, has five children: Marlon, Angela, Tara, Theodora, and Alexandra.

Marlon Leon Sundeep Richards, 54
Marlon was born in 1969 while the band was becoming popular. He grew up traveling with the band on tour. He later got married and had three kids.

Dandelion Angela Richards, 51
Angela, Keith’s daughter, was born in 1972. She got married to Dominic Jennings and then to Graham Whitney. She has two children.

Tara Jo Jo Gunne Richards
Tara, the second son, was born in 1976 but sadly died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome at just two months old.

Theodora Dupree Richards, 38
Theodora was born in 1985 and has talked about her upbringing in a musical home. She’s a model and sometimes interviews rock stars.

Alexandra Nicole Richards, 37
Alexandra, the youngest child, was born in 1986. She became a DJ and does charity work. These are Keith Richards’ children and their stories.



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