My mother-in-law took me to the room and gave me gifts, but I was almost stunned by what I saw…

It’s strange, but I really love my mother-in-law. I’ve been married for 18 years and have three children. We get along wonderfully. There’s a significant age difference between us. When I had my first child, my mother-in-law was overjoyed. My son, her first grandchild, is her favorite, and she adores him. However, she didn’t approve of my second pregnancy.

Yet, when I had my daughter, she fell in love with her instantly. Interestingly, my daughter strongly resembled her. When I had my third daughter, her joy knew no bounds.

My mother-in-law has always been supportive and caring towards me. Since I don’t have a mother anymore, she stepped into that role for me. She never interfered in our relationship with my husband. Whenever we had disagreements, she would ensure we quickly made up.

I could call on her anytime, and she would come to help without hesitation. In short, she’s a gem of a mother-in-law. I prepared specially for her birthday. I saved up and bought her an oven with burners, as she spends a lot of time at her dacha (summer cottage) where she didn’t have an oven.

I thought it would be the perfect gift for her dacha. We went to her and presented the gift. She was overjoyed, radiating happiness. Later, she called me into her room. I didn’t know why she wanted to see me, but when I saw that she had a gift for me too, I was astonished. She gave me a mink coat and diamond earrings. Seeing these precious items, I was speechless. The earrings were stunning, and the coat was simply luxurious.

How fortunate I am to have such a wonderful mother-in-law! I’m grateful for my fate. Not all mother-in-laws are the same. Mine is the best; she’s incredibly kind. The best mother-in-law in the world, in fact. I hope I can be as good of a mother-in-law one day, even if I’m not as wise.



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