Chris Evans, Julia Roberts, Dolph Lundgren among stars who had secret weddings: ‘Intentional intimacy’

Chris Evans revealed last weekend that he and wife Alba Baptista were married last month in two ceremonies on the East Coast and in her native Portugal.

“I got married. It was really, really great,” the “Captain America” star said at New York’s Comic Con on Saturday.

“They were wonderful and beautiful,” the 42-year-old said of their nuptials.

“Planning a wedding, it’s a lot,” he added. “For those of you who are married, you know, it takes a lot out of you, but now that we’re through that, we have just kind of been enjoying life and gearing up for autumn, my favorite season. It’s like the best time of year right now. … Now we’re just relaxing and enjoying life and reflecting.”

Evans and Baptista aren’t the first couple to ditch a lavish Hollywood wedding in favor of a more intimate ceremony.

Dolph Lundgren and Emma Krokdal
Last summer, “Rocky IV” actor Dolph Lundgren married his fiancée personal trainer Emma Krokdal at a private ceremony in Greece.

“We chose to celebrate our love by getting married at our villa in Mykonos with family and a few close friends,” the couple told People magazine of their July nuptials at the time. “We felt it was finally the right time to celebrate love, life and happiness — in the land of the Gods.”Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were finally married last year nearly two decades after calling off their first wedding.

They celebrated with a lavish ceremony at Affleck’s 87-acre Georgia estate in late August 2022, but a month before that, the couple was married for the first time at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas just after midnight on July 17, 2022.”We did it. Love is beautiful. Love is kind. And it turns out love is patient. Twenty years patient. Exactly what we wanted. Last night we flew to Vegas, stood in line for a license with four other couples, all making the same journey to the wedding capital of the world,” Lopez gushed after the ceremony on her newsletter On The JLo. “Stick around long enough and maybe you’ll find the best moment of your life in a drive through in Las Vegas at twelve thirty in the morning in the tunnel of love drive through, with your kids and the one you’ll spend forever with. Love is a great thing, maybe the best of things-and worth waiting for.”

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux
Former couple Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux managed to keep their 2015 wedding – in which Jimmy Kimmel officiated – a secret by telling their guests it was a birthday party for the “White House Plumbers” actor.

Theroux later called the “birthday” ruse a “massive miscalculation” because they ended up having to tell some of the guests who RSVPed “no” the truth to entice them to come while the ones who had said “yes” didn’t know.

“Afterwards, we kind of realized, like, that was a terrible plan because you’re basically telling half your guests, ‘You’re unemployed, and we can’t trust you,’ which was, of course, not the case, but we just kind of put it out there, and people that said ‘yes’ to the birthday [we didn’t tell], and then people who said, ‘We can’t,’ we really put more pressure on them to be at the ‘birthday,’” he told Vanity Fair.



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