Jimmy Kimmel Gives Trump A Blunt Reminder About Jail: ‘That Actually Is The Plan’

The late night host says the former president accidentally hit on the truth at a campaign event.
Jimmy Kimmel said Donald Trump accidentally stumbled on the truth during a rant on Monday after a federal judge issued a gag order prohibiting him from attacking witnesses and staff members of the court and prosecution.

The former president, who is facing 91 felony counts in four different cases, is already fundraising off the order with an email claiming “today really isn’t about gagging me, it’s an attempt to gag the American people.”

“No, it’s you,” Kimmel corrected during his Monday show. “We’re still able to say pretty much anything we want.”

But Kimmel said Trump did get something right when he griped about the gag order during a campaign event in Iowa.

“What they don’t understand is that I am willing to go to jail if that’s what it takes for our country to win and become a democracy again,” Trump said.

“Oh, yeah. We understand that,” Kimmel fired back. “That actually is the plan: You go to jail, and the country becomes a democracy again. I’m glad we’re finally on the same page.”See more in his Monday night monologue:



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