BREAKING: Piers Morgan slams Megan Rapinoe: ‘She’s the world’s most annoying sports star’

Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan has taken aim at American soccer player Megan Rapinoe –declaring she is the “world’s most annoying sports star”.

Ms Rapinoe has played more than 200 games for the United States national women’s soccer team and has been outspoken in her work away from the pitch, while at times being the centre of controversy herself.

In the past Ms Rapinoe has kneeled during the US national anthem and has also been outspoken in being welcoming of transgender athletes in women’s sports.

“I love being able to leverage this amazing platform and use that to in some way make the world a better place,” Ms Rapinoe has said in the past.

“Honestly, you kick a round little ball around, that’s it,” Mr Morgan said.

“Let me tell you what she means by this stuff ‘off the pitch’ … now she’s retired, now she says she wants to see biological males who’ve transitioned to be trans women, play in the women’s national soccer team.”



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